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Top Rail

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Chain Link Top Rail

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Top rail is commonly used on almost all chain link fences.

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Galvanized or colored

Top rail sizes

1 3/8"  .065 Light weight is only used on residential fences around yards or even dog runs that do not require a heavy duty fence.

1 5/8" .065 Light weight rail is your most common top rail used on for both commercial and industrial applications like around a storage yard, building or even a business parking lot.

1 5/8" SS-20 or Structural weight rail is normally used on commercial fences that require some extra strength to support heavy chain link fabric, wind screen or slats that are inserted into the chain link wire. if you are going to use heavier than light weight you will need to purchase a sleeve for every 21' of rail used.

1 5/8" SS-40 or Full Weight top rail is not as common as structural or light weight. But besides being used for fences you will see this type of pipe being used to make Gates and also used with rear track rollers on a slide gate usuing track brackets.

we also carry, 1 7/8", 2 3/8", 4" and 6 5/8" pipe for posts, bollards and other uses.

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