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NVLic. # 81535 A-21  Fence  Limit 1.1 Million

Sleeves are used to connect to pieces of pipe together, this part is not required if you purchase pipe with a swedged end.



Sleeve sizes

1 3/8"  Sleeves are only used on residential fences and not very often with a real fence company because they will only purchase 21' length top rail that are swedged end usually.

1 5/8"  Sleeves are the most common sleeve you will find out there because 1 5/8" rail is used on commercial fences that require SS-20 (Structural) and SS-40 (Full weight) pipe that does not come with a swedged end but is still typically purchased in 21' sticks or lengths.

They do make 1 7/8" and larger sleeves but this will almost always be a special order since there are very few actual application that would require a use for one... I can't even think of one off the top of my head while I type this.

we also carry chain link mesh or wire in many sizes that can be used in Las Vegas, Henderson and Clark county, NV.

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Rail Sleeves

Galvanized or colored