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Rail ends are used at the end of the top rail when you need to attach it to a post, it does require a tension band and 5/16" x 1 1/4" fence bolt however.

Rail End

Galvanized or colored

Rail end sizes and types

Steel Rail Ends  have pretty much become the industry standard on all commercial fences and even residential since they have become cheaper in in the last decade or so. Steel rail ends are also the only type that come in two hole rail end designs to attach a brace or support tension rod on commercial fences.

Aluminum Rail Ends  can be usually only found on residential or light commercial fences because they are more brittle and can easily break under pressure if the rail is pushed or bend away from the fence. we always suggest steel first but check on pricing for both to see which is cheaper.

Most fences to have top rail and that would be the only reason you would need a rail end at all so if you are just using a tension wire through the loop caps and then attaching the wire to a band or wrapped around the posts then you would not need a rail end.

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Rail end Steel

Rail Ends