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NVLic. # 81535 A-21  Fence  Limit 1.1 Million

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Budget Fence Company and Las Vegas Fence company does not allow fence materials to be returned unless approved by the manger on a case by case basis.

  • Special order and delivery orders cannot be returned for any reason once ordered or delivered.
  • Cut posts, steel or fence pipe and tubing in not returnable for any reason.
  • Unused chain link rolls, partial chain link rolls, or any chain link and iron panels that have been over ordered or placed by mistake cannot be returned for any reason without prior approval from management.
  • Gates and gate hardware are not returnable for any reason.
  • Delivery fees, shop labor, cut fees and shop drawing fees are non-refundable for any reason.
  • Any order over $200 is considered a special order.
  • If return is approved by management, there will be a 25% restocking fee on any items accepted for return.
  • Returns over $200 require a written approval from management prior to accepting items.

All orders are F.O.B. 4295 Arville St, Las Vegas NV 89103 unless delivery fee is clearly stated.
It is the customers responsibility to verify materials are correct and Budget Fence Company / Las Vegas Fence take no liability for any incorrect gate or special cut measurements provided by customer.

Budget Fence Company believes every customer has the right to be informed and should fully research any contractor they are going to hire. Budget Fence wants you to have the best experience possible and make you a customer for life.


Using a handyman or unlicensed contractor may be appealing sometimes because of cost or time but we have found that in most cases the risks involved from using unlicensed people to perform the fence project can lead to very costly damages both mentally and financially if the unlicensed contractor or Handyman was to install the fence incorrectly or even deglect to pull a permit.

Budget Fence Company will always do its due diligence to try and verify if a permit is needed or if you fall under any exemptions. (Remember that if you try to pull the permit later you may have to remove all or part of your fence to have new inspections done and even face possible fines)

"Residential Recovery Fund" is a great reason to use a licensed contractor, every licensed contractor in Las Vegas pays into this fund as an added benefit to our customers. Read More... Click Here

"Code of Ethics" is something that every licensed fence contractor you hire should have, Budget Fence Company strives to be the standard in how a fence company should act and treat their customers. we encourage you to review our code of ethics and even ask other companies to provide you a copy of thiers. read more... Click Here

"Nevada Contractor Board" The Contractors Board puts out news releases sometimes up to 3 times a month and will tell you if any contracors are facing any disiplanary action from the board and keep you posted on any contractor realted scams or persons of interest to watch out for. We always encourage our customers to verify that any Fence Contractor they are going to hire is fully licensed. read more... Click Here

"General Liabilty Insurance" Checking to see if a fence company has liability insurance may not seem important or is often over looked but it can be just as important as verifying a fence companies contractors license. General Liabilty Insurance protects both you and the contractror incase of unexpected damages from hitting something in the ground to causing dmages to a neighboring property or person. read more... Click Hear

The City of Las Vegas Fence code is unique as well as the Henderson Fence codes.